Thank you for your interest. Let me introduce myself, my name is Steve. I've had a life long interest in everything Occult. Over 20 years ago I became involved in Shamanism, which led me meeting other local Pagans who introduced me to Wicca (nearly all English Witches start off as Wiccans, even if they deny it later). I wanted to find out what there was before Wicca and discovered Traditonal Witchcraft and Cunning Folk. I don't like labels but I'm probably a mixture (or mixed up) of Shamanic-Witch, Traditional Witch and Cunning Man. If you wish to know more about me click here .

What is the meaning of the White Dragon ? Merlin had a vision in which a white dragon defeated a red dragon. That was the Anglo-Saxons defeating the Celts. When the English went into battle in 1066 their banner was a white dragon on a red background. This was replaced by the cross of St. George (a dragon slayer) by the Normans.

So, where to begin ? I've started with a question and many more will follow. The first questions that I was asked were "What is a Witch ?" and "Why do you want to be one ?". Simple enough, 20 years later I'm still trying to finish my answers. A good starting point is this essay by Stefanos Alorer... Before You Call Yourself A Witch
OK, let's begin. What is Witchcraft ? (Remember these are simply my ideas and may be wrong, if you disagree feel free to leave, don't waste time e-mailing). Witchcraft is not a religion, as the name suggests it is a craft, skill, science or art. I am a Pagan Witch, but a Witch can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any religion even Satanist. Wicca is a religion that uses Witchcraft but so is Voodoo, Voudon, Candomblé and Macumba.
Therefore Witchcraft is something that can be practised by anyone, given the correct training. There are thousands of books and websites about Witchcraft, all different and all correct for the person who wrote them. I've read hundreds of them and taken something from each one. I certainly don't have all the answers, in fact I may have none of them. All that I can do on this website is share some of my knowledge and some of my practices and rituals.

That's enough of the introduction.
Think of this page as your home fire, a place of belonging, a place of safety. Over the next few months, years, lifetimes, I will add pages of information, each one linking back here, so that you can't get lost: You'll find the Wanderer on every page, just click on him to return. These are not tablets of stone, they are not lessons, they may be completely wrong. I'm just sharing what I have learnt. I ask that you also share what you know with others, so that the knowledge does not die.

Let us dip into the cauldron of inspiration....

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Meditation & Visualisation
Calling the Quarters
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