I consider this to be the most important part of Magick and Witchcraft, yet surprisingly most books about Witchcraft don't even mention it. Each one of us contains a part of the divine and the only way to reach it is through meditation. It is by using meditation that we can connect to so many things, in fact probably everything.... Subconscious, Superconscious, Akashic Records, Past Lives, Other Realities, Angels, Gods, Ancestors and so much more. Not to mention, Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and on, and on, and on.
This is a hard subject for me to discuss, as to be honest I am no expert in meditation (in fact, I'm no expert in anything). There are so many different types of meditation, it's difficult to know where to begin. You can spend hours looking at a candle flame or chanting a mantra or clearing your mind (what ever that means), but we are talking about Witchcraft.
Some people think that meditation and visualisation are the same thing, in some ways they are, as in both cases we are using our subconcious. I was once told that meditation gives life to an idea whilst visualisation gives it form, that's a good discription.

The type of meditation that I use is also known as pathworking or guided meditation. Pathworking is a journey between worlds where we create a new reality just as real as the Earthly one. Everything begins with a thought, this thought takes form on the other side then if we put enough effort into our creation then it can take form on this side. A writer starts with a thought and creates a book, a painter starts with an vision and creates a picture. Many composers and inventors say that their inspiration came in a dream. If you want something to happen in your life, visualize it happening, concentrate on it, believe it will happen. This is magick.
If you have never tried guided meditation, I suggest getting a CD or looking it up on Google or You Tube, or be really old fashioned and get a book showing examples. Once that you have experienced a few guided meditations you will be able to work by yourself, creating your own world rather than that of someone else.

Here is simple example of pathworking, but please create your own.
"Sit or lie somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed. Close you eyes and relax. Imagine you are standing in front of a large door, open it and walk through, closing it behind you. You are now in a field full of colourful flowers, take time to look round and get used to your new surroundings. There is a path to one side, follow it......."
That's all I'm giving you, spend time exploring, meeting interesting people and creatures, visiting buildings and sacred sites, perhaps you will meet your spirit guide or totem animal but that will probably happen on a later visit. One very important point, when you have finished exploring return to the door and come back through it, closing it firmly behind you. This ensures that you don't bring anything back with you. Most guided meditations that you find will not mention the door, they will take you straight into the field or over a bridge. This can be dangerous, if you are serious about working magick. Always keep the door closed.

The first visualisation that I was tought is simple but effective, although it takes time to master. Start by sitting in a darkened room (darker the better) with your eyes closed. Visualise your favourite apple floating in the air in front of your eyes. Once that you have this firmly fixed in your mind, visualise it turning slowly so that you can see all sides, if this doesn't happen at first don't worry, just try again the next day. Once you have mastered this, get the apple to move up and down then side to side, practice every day until you feel confident. OK, that was the easy bit. Now sit in a dark room with your eyes open and try it all again. Over the next few weeks gradually increase the amount of light in the room (a dimmer switch is great for this) until you can visualise the apple at any time, even in full daylight. This is only the start, now that you have mastered the technique you can create anything you like.