Divination is probably the most commonly used skill that you will need. It is too broad a subject to cover here, so you will have to do your own research and training. Don't panic, below is a guide of what to look for and help is always available by contacting us through E-MAIL or THE FORUM.

Divination can be used for telling the future or for descision making. Tossing a coin is about as basic as you can get but this leads on to I CHING which uses three coins.

It was common in the 19th and early 20th centuries to use fortune telling books, such as "Napoleon's Book of Fate" and "The White Magic Book" both available on Amazon.

Today the most popular form of divination is the TAROT PACK although similar results can be had with ordinary PLAYING CARDS . I use the "Rider Waite" Tarot deck as I find the images easier to understand than other packs.

Two other forms of divination are also very popular, RUNE CASTING and SCRYING .

There are hundreds of other forms of divination such as Tea Leaves, Dice, Bone Casting, etc etc. Just try to find the right one for you and practice hard.